“Bodies in Motion”: 22-23 March 2013, UBC

“Bodies in Motion” will take place at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver on 22-23 March 2013. The event aims to use a focused case (early modern science, with readings that emphasize translating the body in this context) to anchor a trans-disciplinary conversation and stimulate new directions for collaborative, interdisciplinary research.

The format of the workshop will include discussions of work in progress, a keynote or two,  and a series of master classes in translating early modern texts. The master classes will be led by scholars working in different geographic and linguistic contexts, and chosen for maximal synergy with the work of UBC scholars and graduate researchers. Each master class leader will choose a short primary-source text featuring bodies (broadly defined) in early modernity. The text, along with optional supplementary materials, will be pre-distributed to registered participants, and is meant as a vehicle for raising important methodological issues germane to the particular language under discussion. Participants will be expected to come to the workshop with working translations of the text that they have prepared in advance.

This workshop is designed to be the first step in what will hopefully become a much larger “Bodies in Motion” project devoted to translation and the sciences. In the near- and medium-terms, the project aims to establish an ongoing web archive of pedagogical materials on translation and the sciences, hopefully including short interviews with scholars working on texts in the field.

Updates and contact information will be posted on the project webpage.