the sea/the strand

exterior horizons/interior horizons


the alleged colors/visibles

the exploration/what it will teach me

my movements/what I touch

the massive sentiment I have of the sack in which I am enclosed/the control from without that my hand exercises over my hand

the movements of my eyes/the changes they produce in the visible

the touched/the touching

the tangible/the visible

the seer/the thing

the corporeity of the seer/the visibility of the thing

the within/the without that constitutes its natal secret

an aspect we see of the total visible/another aspect we see of the total visible

one “side” of our body/the other “side” of our body

the body as sensible/the body as sentient

the order of the “object”/the order of the “subject”


the spatio-temporal individual/the idea

my one eye/my other eye


the touching of the things by my right hand/the touching of this same right hand by my left hand

the tactile experience of a point/the tactile experience of the “same” point a moment later

the auditory experience of my own voice/that of other voices

my right hand touched/my right hand touching

my voice heard/my voice uttered

one moment of my tactile life/the following moment of my tactile life

one solid/another solid

his body/the distances

the flesh/the idea

the visible/the interior armature which it manifests and which it conceals

the visible/the invisible

marks of musical notation/marks of musical notation


an interior horizon/an exterior horizon

the visible/the invisible


signs/signified sounds and meanings

the sign/the sign


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