Big Snacky and the Ghosts of Beginnings (Newsletter #2)

Welcome to the second installment of the weird and not-at-all-even-semi-regular newsletter of Nappiness! This summer has already been a doozy, and things are happening, and all indications seem to be that they will keep happening. Without further ado… I’m still reading some things. Roy Christopher invited me to contribute to his Summer Reading List for the year (thanks, Roy!), and it came out last week. … Continue reading Big Snacky and the Ghosts of Beginnings (Newsletter #2)

New look, new book: time for a reboot!

It’s been a minute! After a long hiatus of getting settled in my new digs, finishing up some things, and, well, a pandemic…I’m back to the site with some updates and plans. This summer, I’ll be updating the site and adding some new elements, some new work, and more regular check-ins. The new format should make it easier to find syllabi, publications, and events. I’ll … Continue reading New look, new book: time for a reboot!

Asia in the History of Science: A Convo

Happy Friday, y’all! Here’s the information for an upcoming roundtable at Harvard on March 19 2020 that might be of interest to folks who will be headed to the Association for Asian Studies annual meeting in Boston. It’ll be some Asia-language-science-translation goodness. My contribution will be related to Illegible Cities, my forthcoming book (with Oxford U Press) on translation to and from (mostly) non-European languages … Continue reading Asia in the History of Science: A Convo

Uninvited now available for pre-order!

Carrie and I are super excited that Uninvited: Talking Back to Plato will be coming out with McGill-Queen’s University Press in May 2020. (This is a book we love in which we respond to and reimagine Plato’s Symposium in a hybrid poetry/fiction format. You’ll find our own versions of the speeches of the text – of Phaedrus, of Aristophanes, of Diotima, etc – as inspired … Continue reading Uninvited now available for pre-order!

Sappho Questions Medusa: Poems

Now out in Geist 111: a clutch of poems inspired by the “Socrates Questions Agathon” speech in Plato’s Symposium. You can read the poems here. Versions will be included in Uninvited: Talking Back To Plato (forthcoming as a book! stay tuned…), a collaborative project with Carrie Jenkins that you can read about in a little piece we wrote for The Philosophers’ Magazine.  Enjoy! Continue reading Sappho Questions Medusa: Poems

Glass, and Light, and Cotton, and Celery: Bits of a new lifestyle guide/cookbook

Long time no post! I’ve been hibernating while on leave, but there’s so much to tell and leave is over and I’ll be posting a bunch in the weeks to come. First off, here are the first drafty bits of what seems to be taking shape as a kind of weird magical lifestyle guide/cookbook, now available at The Invisible College. Also check out Carrie Jenkins’s … Continue reading Glass, and Light, and Cotton, and Celery: Bits of a new lifestyle guide/cookbook

Translating Vitalities: A Website

New website ahoy! Translating Vitalities is a collective of artists, anthropologists, medical and healing practitioners, historians, and other humanists and non-humanists who regularly come together in the service of making collaborative work to understand lifeworlds and their translations and transformations. We now have a website that will archive and share work that grows from the project, and you can find us here: Continue reading Translating Vitalities: A Website