The History of Song: A Little Story

The newest little history by Elizabeth Woodfall (historian of wind) is now available at The Elizabeths. It was inspired by, in part (and is a thank-you for, in part) a recent musical performance by Abigail Washburn and Wu Fei at the Association for Asian Studies annual meeting in Seattle. You can find it by heading over to The History of Song. To hear a song from the concert that … Continue reading The History of Song: A Little Story

quote and paraphrase (a little list)

Some gatherings serve as reminders of why it’s important for people to make time to physically come together to share work and ideas. A recent workshop on cartography and spatial thinking organized by Katharina Piechocki and Tom Conley at Radcliffe was a model of this, generous and inspiring in all kinds of wonderful ways. Here, see for yourself: this is an offering, an inventory of moments … Continue reading quote and paraphrase (a little list)

all at once, pell-mell

There’s a new storypost up at “Reading Notes: The Intertwining – The Chiasm”: this one is a translation of the first sentence of the Merleau-Ponty essay that forms the heart of this fiction/translation/exploration/reading project. You can find it by clicking on the red link in the text below! “If it is true that as soon as philosophy declares itself to be reflection or coincidence it prejudges what it … Continue reading all at once, pell-mell

Elizabeth Turvey (Historian of Flame), Pt. 1: An Art of Conversion

Meet Elizabeth Turvey, historian of flame. Before reading her first stories, learn a little bit about her and her particular approach to material history by heading over to the the first part of her life history, 1. An Art of Conversion. For more on the Elizabeths project in conjectural early modern historiography, check this out. Continue reading Elizabeth Turvey (Historian of Flame), Pt. 1: An Art of Conversion