Illegible Cities

Illegible Cities: Translating Early Modern China

This book project in progress, loosely inspired by Italo Calvino’s fiction, is a history of translation (mostly to and from non-European languages) in China from the late fourteenth century through the middle of the nineteenth century. It’s also a space in which I’m trying to work on, and work through, practices of sameness in history. The book experiments with narrative form by structuring each chapter according to a particular document that figures prominently in the story it’s telling: a bilingual glossary, a textbook of paired documents, a grammar, a language primer, a collection of poems.

The manuscript will be sent off in late summer 2017 – it’s almost there! As soon as I can squeeze the time in, I’ll post links to relevant talks, workshop papers, and publications here.


Manuscript Portrait June 2017.JPG