in parentheses

(with certain reservations, for as soon as we distinguish thought from speaking absolutely we are already in the order of reflection)(as is so well indicated by the double meaning of the word)(what in the past we called objective body and phenomenal body)(I do not see my back)(the things as well as my own body)(should we say of the seer, or of the visible?)(which would leave a gap in its place)(as we say)(as we say)(whether it be my own or that of another)(of the world or my own)(as we have shown in an earlier work)(the immediate and dualist distinction between the visible and the invisible, between extension and thought, being impugned, not that extension be thought or thought extension, but because they are the obverse and the reverse of one another, and the one forever behind the other)(and still less of a destruction that conserves or of a realization that destroys –which is not to solve but to pose the problem)(that is, we said, as beings who turn the world back upon itself and who pass over to the other side, and who catch sight of one another, who see one another with eyes)(l’entendre)


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