Between 2011-2019, I was a podcast host for  New Books in East Asian Studies (NBEAS)New Books in Science, Technology, and Society (NBSTS), and I did occasional guest interviews for some of the other New Books Network Channels. You can find them linked from the following list. (Note: NBN recently changed its site and I am gradually updating the links below to make them current. If you’re trying to find an interview and I’ve not yet gotten to update the link on this site, just go here and do a search for the author or title you’re looking for!)  I’ve been on a podcasting hiatus for a wee while, taking a break while I figure out what comes next, mentoring other podcast hosts, and giving talks about my media work. Stay tuned for further adventures…

13 Interviews for New Books Network Seminar:

220 Interviews for New Books in East Asian Studies (NBEAS): 

143 Interviews for New Books in Science, Technology, & Society (NBSTS):

8 Interviews for New Books in History:

1 Interview for New Books in Literary Studies:

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