Uninvited: Talking Back to Plato

MQUP.Jenkins+Nappi (Uninvited).oct15Uninvited: Talking Back to Plato (McGill-Queens University Press, 2020)

In this collaborative book project, Carrie Jenkins and I respond to and reimagine Plato’s Symposium in a hybrid poetry/fiction format. You’ll find our own versions of the speeches of the text – of Phaedrus, of Aristophanes, of Diotima, etc – as inspired by Tarot cards, outer space, a love affair between Sappho and Medusa, and much more. Uninvited: Talking Back to Plato was published by with McGill-Queen’s University Press in May 2020, and you can find it at this link.

We have extended the spirit and work of the book into a collaborative website that you can check out over at The Uninvited Project, featuring amazing work by artists we love and respect, and still growing.

For a peek at some of the Uninvited poems, check out a series of poems inspired by the “Socrates Questions Agathon” speech, now out in Geist 111. We also wrote about the project in a little piece for The Philosophers’ Magazine.  Enjoy!