The City as Phantasm

On April 29, Cabinet Magazine in NYC hosted a conversation among Dominic Pettman and I (punctuated and elevated by gorgeous films created by Merritt Symes) about our respective books, each inspired by Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities. (Dominic’s beautiful book was recently published, and mine is in progress and should be out soon.) Better put, it really wasn’t a conversation between us, but between those books: we wove our writing together … Continue reading The City as Phantasm

The City as Phantasm: Upcoming Event in NYC!

Hey NYC folks! Come to Brooklyn later this month to see Dominic Pettman¬†and I attempt to translate our two Italo Calvino-inspired books into a hybrid, beautiful, monstrous third entity with help from the film artist Merritt Symes. This is not a two-talks kind of a thing: it will be a performance blending two books and some gorgeous film interludes together to create something new.¬†April 29, … Continue reading The City as Phantasm: Upcoming Event in NYC!