Daughters of Alchemy: An Interview

Meredith K. Ray’s new book explores women’s contributions to the landscape of scientific culture in early modern Italy from about 1500 to 1623. Women in this period were engaging with science in the home, at court, in vernacular literature, in academies, in salons, and in letters, and Daughters of Alchemy: Women and Scientific Culture in Early Modern Italy (Harvard University Press, 2015) looks both at women’s practical … Continue reading Daughters of Alchemy: An Interview

Tweeting Da Vinci: An Interview

Ann C. Pizzorusso’s new book is a creative and gorgeously illustrated meeting of geology, art history, and Renaissance studies. Arguing that understanding Italy’s geological history can significantly inform how we see its art, literature, medicine, architecture, and more, Tweeting Da Vinci takes a deeply interdisciplinary approach to engaging the cultural history of Italy from the Etruscans to Da Vinci and beyond. You can listen to us talking about … Continue reading Tweeting Da Vinci: An Interview