Good Science: An Interview

Charis Thompson’s Good Science: The Ethical Choreography of Stem Cell Research (MIT Press, 2013) is an important book that explores the “ethical choreography” of the consolidation of human embryonic stem cell research in the first decade of the twenty-first century, drawing important implications for the possible futures of stem cell research by looking carefully at its past and developing an approach to what Thompson calls “good science.” You … Continue reading Good Science: An Interview

The Annals of King T’aejo: An Interview

Byonghyon Choi’s new book makes a key document of Korean and world history available in English in a volume that will be tremendously useful for both scholarship and teaching. The Annals of King T’aejo translates an important excerpt from The Veritable Records of the Choson Dynasty, a historical record that documents important events and historical developments from the first 472 years of the Choson period in Korean history, … Continue reading The Annals of King T’aejo: An Interview

Contemporary Korean Art: An Interview

Joan Kee’s new book is a gorgeous and thoughtful introduction to the history of contemporary art in Korea that traces the creation, promotion, reception, and rhetoric of work produced by artists who made large, mostly abstract paintings in neutral colors from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s. You can listen to us talking about it for the New Books in East Asian Studies podcast here. Continue reading Contemporary Korean Art: An Interview

The Real Modern: An Interview

Chris Hanscom’s new book explores literary modernism in the work of three writers who were central to literary production in 1930s Korea.In addition to offering a fascinating window into modern Korean literature, he also uses the example of Korean modernism to open up the way we think of comparative literature and literary history more broadly. You can listen to our conversation about it here. Continue reading The Real Modern: An Interview