Life, War, Earth: An Interview

John Protevi’s new book creates a wonderfully stimulating dialogue between the work of Gilles Deleuze and some key works and concepts animating contemporary geophilosophy, cognitive science, and biology. In doing so, Protevi’s work also has the potential to inform work in STS by turning our attention to new possibilities of thinking with scale, and with a process-oriented philosophy (among many other things). You can listen to … Continue reading Life, War, Earth: An Interview

The Fragility of Things: An Interview

Bill Connolly’s new book proposes a way to think about the world as a gathering of self-organizing systems or ecologies, and from there explores the ramifications and possibilities of this notion for how we think about and practice work with markets, politics, daily life, and beyond. It is wonderfully inspiring, and you can listen to us talking about it here. Continue reading The Fragility of Things: An Interview

Subverting Aristotle: An Interview

Craig Martin’s new book carefully traces religious arguments for and against Aristotelianism from the eleventh through the eighteenth centuries. Based on a close reading of a staggering array of primary sources, his book subverts several assumptions about the connection between Aristotelian thought and the emergence of the new sciences in early modernity. You can listen to our conversation about it here. Continue reading Subverting Aristotle: An Interview

Alien Phenomenology: An Interview

Ian Bogost’s wonderful book introduces readers to the field of object-oriented ontology by asking us to consider a fundamental question: why do we ignore “stuff” in scholarship, poetry, science, or business as anything more than a way to continue talking about humans? Is there a way to think and live with stuff in the world that doesn’t reduce it to that which concerns people, but instead … Continue reading Alien Phenomenology: An Interview

The Nature and Nurture of Love: An Interview

Marga Vicedo’s new book explores the emergence of the science of children’s emotional needs in the twentieth century, contextualizing the work of British psychoanalyst and psychiatrist John Bowlby (1907-1990) within a broader history of scientific studies of human and animal behavior. She was kind enough to talk with me about it, and you can find our conversation here. Continue reading The Nature and Nurture of Love: An Interview