Translating Vitalities

The Translating Vitalities project is an ongoing collaboration devoted to understanding and translating among multiple forms of life, health, and wellness. Co-organized by three humanists who specialize in the study of Chinese medicine – Judith Farquhar, Volker Scheid, and Carla Nappi – the project gathers artists, scientists, medical practitioners, and scholars from multiple fields in a series of gatherings that are each devoted to collaborative making-together of transdisciplinary work. While “China” (understood broadly and variously) and bodies (normal and not, healthy and ill and none of the above) are consistent aspects of our constellation of interests and engagements, the topics of inquiry have been inspired by, incorporated, and extended the research of the members of the collective. Funding for some of our activities has been generously provided by the Wellcome Trust, the University of Chicago, and the Canada Research Chairs program. This is an ongoing collaboration and I’ll post updates and material about the project over the next months. Further information on some of the events and projects growing out of Translating Vitalities can be found below.

Translating Vitalities: A Workshop (August 2014, Seattle WA, USA) [Coming soon!]

Translating Vitalities Lab 1: Touch (20 – 27 June 2015, Pula, Croatia) [Coming soon!]

Translating Vitalities Lab 2: The Untoward (25 June – 02 July 2015, Pula, Croatia) [Coming soon!]