with which it forms a constellation

There’s a new storypost up at “Reading Notes: The Intertwining – The Chiasm”: this is the first in what will be a series of origin stories for color-constellations. Check out the new story by clicking the link (in red) embedded below for “with which it forms a constellation.”  There you’ll find a link to the first constellation, “Bailey’s Moonburn.”

“And, now that I have fixed it, if my eyes penetrate into it, into its fixed structure, or if they start to wander round about again, the quale resumes its atmospheric existence. Its precise form is bound up with a certain wooly, metallic, or porous configuration or texture, and the quale itself counts for very little compared with these participations. Claudel has a phrase saying that a certain blue of the sea is so blue that only blood would be more red. The color is yet a variant in another dimension of variation, that of its relations with the surroundings: this red is what it is only by connecting up from its place with other reds about it, with which it forms a constellation, or with other colors it dominates or that dominate it, that it attracts or that attract it, that it repels or that repel it. In short, it is a certain node in the woof of the simultaneous and the successive.”