Dominic Pettman and I have spent the last year and a half (or so) conducting an experiment born out of a series of related questions:

As a writer, what can it look like to meaningfully engage theory?

As we respond to a work of cultural theory, what might fiction writing help us understand, see, and make that straight-up academic theory writing might not offer?

Thus was born the Metagestures project. Month by month and gesture by gesture, we collaboratively read and thought our way through Vilém Flusser’s Gestures and we each composed a little fictional world as a way of responding to it. We now have 32 stories (16 pairs for 16 gestures) and we’re looking forward to sharing them with y’all.

The first metagestures (on the gesture of photographing) are set to come out in thresholds this year. We’ll also be talking about the project at a workshop April 29-30 2017. Stay tuned for what comes next! I’ll post updates and relevant talks and things to the main project page (which will ultimately be somewhere fancier but for right now I’ll post updates here).