Gestures of Photographing

I’m so excited to share the first public fruits of the Meta-gestures project that Dominic Pettman and I are collaborating on. The project itself is a hybrid of fiction and theory that explores gesture through Vilém Flusser’s work. We just published our first pair of stories in the wonderful new Thresholds journal. Head over there to explore our gestures of photographing!

We designed the piece so that you can experience it in three ways: reading my story (scrolling down the black background), reading Dominic’s story (scrolling down the white), or creating a kind of hybrid by alternating between the black/white in sequence. (The stories deliberately speak to each other in specific ways through the design of the page.) My advice: read one, then read the other, and then, if you’d like, you can play with the scrolling to create your own hybrid.

I’ve pasted some snapshots from the piece, below. xo